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Local New Orleans Roofers Educates Homeowners About Necessary Roof Repairs

The owners of The New Orleans Roofers, leading roofers in New Orleans and surrounding cities, are pleased to announce their latest educational initiative. “Too many homeowners are putting off needed roof repairs,” say the company’s owners. “In turn, we’re seeing more and more unnecessary roof replacement jobs getting scheduled.”

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New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2022 -- Timely roof repair is a vital part of your New Orleans home maintenance. This is why the owners of The New Orleans Roofers are working hard to educate area homeowners about scheduling repairs when needed. "We're hoping that more homeowners see the value of calling a New Orleans roofing contractor at the first sign of damage," they say. "Putting off needed repairs, even small fixes, can risk letting that damage get worse. In turn, those eventual roof repairs are more extensive and costly!"

This isn't the only issue with avoiding needed roof repair or ignoring signs of damage. "Eventually that roof becomes too damaged to fix," note the owners of The New Orleans Roofers. "Consequently, a homeowner is then looking at full-scale replacement. This means replacing the decking or plywood underneath roofing layers as well as other underlayment and installing all new shingles or tiles as well as flashing." They note that this job is always far more expensive than scheduling repairs once you notice some missing shingles or a small leak, they note.

With that in mind, when should homeowners call and schedule a consultation with a roofer in New Orleans? "This is an excellent question," agrees the owners of The New Orleans Roofers. "It's also one reason why some homeowners put off needed repairs. In truth, they simply don't always realize their roof is damaged and needs fixing!"

Consequently, the team is happy to explain common signs of roof damage and needed fixes. "Homeowners should never get up on ladders," they explain. "However, you can usually see sunken or sagging areas and bald spots, or places with missing shingles, from the ground. Discoloration can also indicate water damage that needs attention."

The crew shares other signs of roof damage that homeowners should never overlook. "Granules in gutters or along the ground indicate shingle damage," they share. "Too often, homeowners don't notice these granules or dismiss them as simply rubbish. The same goes for nails and other connectors that come loose from the roof and end up in a home's gutters or on the ground near its foundation."

The owners of The New Orleans Roofers also note that wavy, buckled, or otherwise misshapen shingles are not natural and need immediate replacement! "Once shingles get water damaged or algae grows between them, you might notice them buckling or becoming wavy. This situation just lets water seep in below those shingles, risking even more damage. They need a replacement right away."

There are even signs to look for inside the home, note the crew at The New Orleans Roofers. "Water stains on the ceiling can result from plumbing issues but are also a common sign of roof leaks. Also, homeowners might notice a cold and drafty interior during winter months and then hot and stuffy rooms in summertime. Roof leaks let in outside air, for a very uncomfortable interior environment." They also note that this issue can spike a homeowner's utility costs, since the HVAC system cycles on more often to compensate.

Lastly, the team at The New Orleans Roofers encourages homeowners to consider a roof's age. "Even the strongest roof will start to suffer damage after ten or twenty years," they note. "This is especially true after storms move through the area. In turn, we encourage homeowners to call a New Orleans roofing company for an inspection every year once their home's roof is a decade old."

As part of their educational initiative, the owners of The New Orleans Roofers are offering no-cost roof inspections for area homeowners. However, they encourage clients to call quickly as appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis and do book up quickly. To schedule an appointment, visit their website and fill out a contact form or just give them a call. They are located at 3203 Toulouse St., New Orleans, LA 70119. The New Orleans Roofers is fully licensed and insured and guarantees all roof repair and new roof installation to last for years.

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