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NA (Nirvana) Chain Testnet Launch, Enthusiastic Fans Recommend Online

By: Newsfile

Although fans think that the popularity of Na (Nirvana) chain in the market is self-evident, they interpret NA by showing more details from an objective perspective to everybody. People can learn NA's development and long-term vision in just 10 minutes of reading.

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - June 24, 2021) - Recently, NA (Nirvana) Chain testnet was officially launched. Global fans of NA (Nirvana) Chain community spontaneously express their love for NA (Nirvana) through online recommendation. As a unique chain focusing on the ideal user experience, it attracts a large number of fans with its solution for rapid implementation of Internet information system ecology construction.

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What's NA(Nirvana)Chain

NA (Nirvana) Chain is a decentralized infrastructure platform that focuses on providing friendly experience for application developers, allowing cross-chain support for other public blockchain applications such as Ethereum, as people learned from feeds pushed by the official account NA Fans previously.

Background of NA(Nirvana)Chain

NA (Nirvana) Chain upholds "everything is made for application" and intends to provide a solution for rapid implementation of Internet information system ecology construction. As the founding team prioritizes decentralization to ensure system operating spontaneously, the incentive model of miners was specially set up to empower the autonomous value network of resource exchange and transfer. NA (Nirvana) Chain's presence allows the Internet to decentralize again, with its ultimate vision to enable real economy transformation from underlying logic and architecture and to become a subversive blockchain application that reconstructs the real economy pattern.

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NA (Nirvana) Chain provides new tools that can be customized, compostable, and optimized, and has been most developers' top choice. As a result, its platform has provided a foundation on which many projects can be built and operated. The team started to accumulate its foundation since 2018. According to overseas survey by NA (Nirvana) Chain fans community, NA team members will provide supports to the project in development construction, ecological building, business planning and other development directions.

An absolute majority of the team members are technical personnel, most are elite geeks with universal industry influence in the world, which reveals the fact that the project focuses on research and development in the field of technology. From November 2018 to September 2020, members of the project team got down to proof of concept and technical feasibility testing, and always finished ahead of the roadmap published in its white paper. Based on its planning process, NA (Nirvana) Chain will continue to promote the implementation of the concept of application ecology and enlarge its usage scope in the future.

Token Distribution

Na (Nirvana) Chain public chain token name is NAC. The total amount of NAC tokens is 75 million. In its application, 28 million tokens will be gradually destroyed by burning for full node token exchange, application release (10%), service charge (10%), etc. A constant quantity of 47 million tokens will be retained.

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NAC is mainly used for miner reward, community governance, full node token exchange and transaction circulation in the system. NAC holders can participate in community proposals and decisions making, and vote on critical time and allocation of funds.

NOMC is a dual-system for full node token exchange, with a total amount of 35,000 of its tokens is used for full node token exchange. Data details are shown as follow:

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Project Highlights

100% Decentralized, NA (Nirvana) Chain understands that decentralization will always be the consensus and the core of competition for blockchain, and as a result the core mechanism of the project is to fully lay out decentralization, and strive to improve the transaction speed and reduce fees for users.

Innovative Heterogeneous Complex Chains, At the technical level, the project applies heterogeneous composite chains to elect Worker by DPOS campaign to obtain data processing qualification of DAG, and realize real-time submission of millions of data. The 100% decentralized domain name creating and leasing platform are very practical, each project can hence use NA platform domain name in different blockchains (ETH, BTC or others), and can also publish tasks to search for the right website and resolve to NA public chain for decentralized domain name creating.

Unique Original N++ program development language, The unique original N++ program development language allows developers to master in 5 minutes, easy to learn and easier to attract developers, to realize the mass production of the project software system in the developer store; NVM virtual machines and advanced smart contracts allow complex computing to work faster, helping developers save time and complete self-timed tasks.

Actor Concurrency Model, The Actor concurrency model makes computation of large micro-services available, greatly improves computing power and speed, and avoids wasting resources. Distributed storage provides users with smart editing in both dynamic and static modes.

Constant Transaction Fee, To avoid commission fee fluctuation, the project adopts real-time stable coin exchange protocol (NUSD SWAP), using NAC in the system as the stable coin to maintain a constant commission fee of 0.01 USDT for each transaction in the future.

Media Contact
Company Name: NA (Nirvana)
Contact Person: Oting
Twitter: @NirvanaChain

Telegram Community:
Youtube: @Nirvana Chain
NA CHAIN Chinese Website:
WeChat Official Platform: @NA Fans
Weibo Chinese Community:@ NA Public Chain Chinese Community

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