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A Complete Guide to Purchasing Wholesale Flowers

A Complete Guide to Purchasing Wholesale FlowersPhoto from Pexels

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The flower business is booming in 2022. Experts project that the global floral market will grow 6% from 2021 to 2025, reaching an incredible $600 million. And your business is set to gain from this industry-wide growth.

Yet, one major cost that could be holding your business back is not buying wholesale flowers. Getting your flowers wholesale offers numerous advantages for small businesses like yours.

Ordering flowers online can be a major headache, though. There are so many products to choose from and cost structures to understand. Today, we are bringing you this guide to help make the process easier for you.

Are you wondering about the benefits of wholesale flower shopping? Want tips for buying your next flower wholesale? Then keep reading because we are giving you our best advice next.

What Does Wholesale Mean?

Before we get into the details of buying wholesale, we want to introduce this concept. Wholesale purchasing is a strategy businesses that sell products use all the time. Here’s how it works.

The floral industry is made up of three parts:

  1. Flower growers
  2. Flower wholesalers
  3. Flower retailers (that’s you!)

Flower growers (AKA floriculturists) sell their flowers to wholesalers. Wholesalers usually work with multiple floriculturists to ensure a wide variety of options for customers.

Then, flower retailers can purchase in bulk from the wholesaler. It is less common to buy a single flower wholesale because you will not get to take advantage of the benefits of shopping in bulk.

With bulk shopping, the more you buy, the more you save. We will talk more about the advantages of buying flowers in bulk next.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Flowers

Smart businesses shop wholesale. Here’s why.

Better Variety

As mentioned, wholesalers typically work with multiple flower farms. They may work with farms that specialize in a single species or more than one species.

This allows for far more options than if you buy your flowers retail and then mark them up. You can choose the exact flowers you or your client wants from a wide array of options.

Plus, online retailers can stock flowers that are not in season in your area. You can buy from locations where your desired flowers are in season, and the wholesaler will ship them to you.

Lower Costs

Wholesale products are cheaper than retail products. This is because of strategic markups.

Once floriculturists sell their flowers, the wholesaler marks them up. When the wholesaler sells those same flowers to the retailer, they get marked up again.

Buying from another retailer means you will pay more than what you pay at a wholesaler. To make costs even less, wholesalers also offer bulk discounts and discounts for standing orders from loyal clients.

All of these factors can drastically lower your overall business costs. And that means more profits for your bottom line.

More Scale

Are you looking to grow your flower business? If so, buying wholesale can enable your business to scale more rapidly. How?

First of all, working with a wholesaler means you can order exactly what you need when you need it. This eliminates waste while also allowing you to add inventory to your shop on an as-needed basis.

Tips for Ordering Flowers Online

Have you decided that wholesale buying is the best purchasing strategy for your business? If so, you may be wondering how to start buying flowers wholesale. Here are some of our top tips for ordering wholesale flowers online.

Present Your Business Information for Bigger Discounts

To purchase from wholesalers, you usually need a business license. The process of getting your business license depends on where you live. But, in general, all businesses must obtain a Wholesale Number (AKA a Sales Tax Permit).

Even if your wholesaler does not require you to have a business license, you should still consider getting one.

A Wholesale Number will allow you to buy flowers at an even bigger discount. This is because businesses that buy wholesale can avoid having to pay sales tax on your order.

Know What You Want Before You Shop

Flower wholesalers stock thousands of different flower varieties, especially if you shop online. The selection can be completely overwhelming if you are just browsing. That is why you should always make a wish list before shopping.

Make a list of the types of flowers you need in the colors you prefer. If you are arranging flowers, do not forget to pick up some greenery and accent flowers to fill out your arrangements.

Plan Ahead When Ordering for Events

Some flower wholesalers require customers to make purchases within a required window. Shipping typically takes 1–2 business days. But many websites will ask you to place your order at least a week before you need it.

This ensures that the wholesaler has plenty of time to source the flowers. And then it ensures your order will be as fresh and beautiful as possible when they arrive on your doorstep.

What Flowers Can You Buy Wholesale?

As we’ve mentioned, the exact flowers you will have access to via your wholesaler depends on the company you work with. But, in general, here are some of the types of florals you can buy online.

Wedding Flowers

The average bride pays about $2,300 for wedding flowers. So, you can imagine that arranging wedding bouquets and other arrangements can be a highly lucrative service to offer at your business.

Luckily, you can buy wedding flowers from your wholesaler. Peonies, roses, and hydrangeas are some common flowers used in wedding arrangements.

Some wholesalers even offer pre-arranged bouquets in bulk that you can offer to your wedding customers.


Roses are the most popular cut flowers for customers in the US and around the world. Roses mean love, making them popular for weddings, holidays, and anniversaries.

Roses look beautiful when arranged on their own. But they also look beautiful as filler flowers in arrangements.

Yet, roses are notoriously expensive, especially during holidays like Valentine’s Day. Getting roses wholesale can help cut costs so that you can stock these in-demand flowers all year long.

Other Popular Flowers

Depending on the wholesaler you use, you will have access to hundreds, if not thousands, more flower varieties, including the following:

  • Tulips
  • Carnations
  • Orchids
  • Peonies
  • Lilies
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Delphiniums
  • Gladioli
  • Heather
  • Lilacs
  • Lavender
  • Sunflowers

Because online wholesalers can connect you with international flower farms, you can also get more exotic and tropical flowers. For example, at FMI Farms, we offer tropical flower combination boxes that come all the way from Ecuador.

Why FMI Farms Is the Wholesaler You Need

Are you searching for ‘flowers near me’? FMI Farms is an online flower marketplace connecting florists and business owners with flower farms in and outside of the US.

Here are the top reasons why we think you will love using our wholesale flower shopping platform.

24/7 Online Shopping

Have you ever been laying in bed at night, trying to fall asleep, and realized you forgot to place that last flower order for the day? No worries because, with FMI Farms, you can shop 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

All you have to do to get started is register to shop. We do not require customers to have a business license to purchase our flowers.

Overnight Shipping

We offer a “You Click, We Ship” policy. That means as soon as you place your order, we will ship your flowers via priority meal. Most customers receive their flowers the next day or a maximum of three days from the date of your order.

Direct Access to Flowers

By now, you may be wondering: how are we able to offer next-day shipping on all our flowers? Our marketplace works directly with flower farms and individual growers. The floriculturists upload their flowers to our site.

Then, when you shop, you shop directly from the flower grower or farm. This keeps the flower-buying process as direct as possible, meaning a shorter logistics timeline and fresher, more beautiful flowers for your business.

Order Flowers Online From FMI Farms

Buying wholesale flowers can save your business money, help you get access to more options, and scale your business faster. Just make sure to follow our tips for the best wholesale shopping experience.

If you have been searching for a one-stop shop for all your floral needs, you have come to the right place. We also offer financing options so that you can pay for your order over time. Register to shop our flower marketplace today!

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