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How to Clean Laminate Floors

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How to Clean Laminate Floors

You should be cleaning your laminate flooring just as regularly as you would clean a floor made of any other material. The only difference is that you should avoid moisture when cleaning laminate. The easiest way to keep your flooring clean is with a canister vacuum. That said, you can also run an upright model across your flooring, paying extra attention to cracks and crevices. Ensure you remove any strong bristle brush attachments and turn of the beater brush to protect your flooring.


If your vacuum has a hard floor setting, use this.

How to Get Rid of Spills and Dirt?

Moisture can really do a number on laminate flooring. If water manages to get through to the inner layers of the flooring, it can cause damage including warping and cracking. So it is very important to clean spills as soon as you notice them, and avoid the temptation to over use water or cleaning products. If a spill does occur, soak this up straight away with kitchen roll. Use a microfibre cloth dipped in warm soapy water and wrung out to wipe up spills and dirt. Then, using a dry cloth, wipe away any of the residue left over.

Apart from vacuuming your laminate flooring with a hard floor attachment, you can use a soft broom to sweep the floors. Other options to get rid of dust include dry microfibre mops or cloths.

Deep Cleaning Your Laminate Floors

Regular vacuuming or sweeping of your laminate flooring is great, but you will also need to deep clean your floor from time to time. To do this, you can use a damp mop to wipe down the flooring, completing this approximately once a month. In kitchens and rooms which are more frequently used, you will need to do this more regularly than once a month to ensure cleanliness and sound hygiene practices.

The best mops to use for this task are mops with removable, reusable microfibre heads which can be washed. If you want to use a cleaning product, go for a product specially designed for laminate flooring. Spray any products on the flooring very sparingly to avoid damaging the floor. Never use any type of cleaning product which can cause abrasions, like steel wool or hard sponges. Apart from causing scratches and scuffs, steel wool and sponges can remove the protective layer on laminate flooring.

Remember, avoid water and excessive liquids being in contact with the flooring. Even when using a damp mop, ensure you wring the mop head well. Unlike hardwood flooring, laminate flooring does not appreciate being polished or waxed. Moisture damage to laminate flooring can take the form of water spots, warping, and even cracking.

Finally, don’t forget that steam cleaners and laminate flooring do not mix — no matter what your steam cleaner instructions may say. Using a steam cleaner on laminate flooring can even result in voiding the manufacturer’s guarantee, so it is of utmost importance that you read the care instructions for your flooring.


Removing Shoe Scuffs From Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is prone to shoe scuffs. Here is a quick guide to get rid of shoe scuffs from laminate.

  1. Using a damp sponge, soft side down, clean the area of the scuff mark.
  2. With a common rubber eraser, gently rub the area, following the grain of the wood. Rubbers of materials other than rubber, like plastic, will damage the flooring.

If the scuff is persistent, you may need to repeat both steps until the scuff goes away completely.

Preventing Scratches on Laminate Flooring

Today’s laminate flooring is much more durable than it used to be. That said, life happens, and scratches and scrapes can be the result. While you can buy home-repair kits for scratches, you should try to avoid getting scratches in the first place.

  1. Remove shoes at the door — tiny stones can get stuck in the grooves of your shoe and damage your flooring.
  2. Use soft materials like microfibre to clean your floors — steel wool can cause irreparable damage.
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