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The dynamic landscape of finance is undergoing a seismic shift, propelled by the innovative forces of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. At the heart of this transformation is the collaborative presence of and Copx.Ai at Consensus 2024, the premier global summit for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 communities. The event marked a pivotal moment as Scott Tripp, CEO of Neurai and Core DAO member at COPX, along with numerous COPX DAO members, engaged with industry leaders to forge a new path for AI in finance. Spearheading AI Integration in Fintech’s participation at Consensus 2024 has been a beacon for tech and blockchain companies looking to integrate AI into their financial operations. The company’s commitment to developing AI-driven solutions for the fintech sector has made it a sought-after partner for those aiming to enhance trading strategies and decision-making processes.

Scott Tripp, CEO of Neurai, shared his perspective:

“The finance and blockchain sectors are at a pivotal juncture, where the integration of AI is no longer a distant possibility but a present reality. The enthusiasm we’ve witnessed at Consensus 2024 for AI-driven solutions is a testament to the industry’s readiness for transformation. At, we are not just participants in this change; we are at its vanguard, actively shaping the future of financial technology with AI at its core. Our suite of AI services, from algorithmic trading to risk alerts, is designed to empower the financial sector with enhanced precision, efficiency, and security. As we continue to innovate, our goal remains steadfast: to lead the charge in harnessing AI’s transformative power, making it accessible and beneficial for all within the financial ecosystem.”

Scott Tripp’s vision for Neurai is clear: to continue developing innovative solutions that will shape the future of the industry. With his extensive experience in the Web3 field, he has worked on projects backed by investments from notable entities, demonstrating his commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the decentralized technology space.

COPX DAO: A Collective Vision for AI-Driven Decentralization

COPX DAO’s presence at Consensus 2024 was not only significant due to its innovative platform but also because of the active participation of its community members. The event served as a gathering point for COPX DAO members, who share a vision for a decentralized financial ecosystem powered by AI.

Carlos Mendez, a representative from COPX DAO remarked:

"Seeing so many of our members at Consensus 2024, actively engaging and forming partnerships, reinforces our belief in a decentralized future where AI enhances every aspect of finance. It’s a testament to the strength and unity of our community." 

COPX DAO is setting new standards for financial ecosystems worldwide by focusing on community empowerment, transparency, and cutting-edge AI tools. The platform’s commitment to decentralized governance allows every member to have a voice in shaping the future of finance.

Chairman of Neurai, Anndy Lian Spoke at DeCC Day 

Anndy Lian, Chairman of Neurai spoke at DeCC Day at Consensus 2024. He is part of a panel on “The Importance of Privacy in Web3” led by Austin Arnold, Cofounder of Altcoin Daily. 

Anndy Lian commented after the panel discussion, “In the age of Web3, privacy is not just a feature; it’s the cornerstone of trust and autonomy. As we integrate AI into this new paradigm, we must ensure that it upholds the principles of privacy that are fundamental to the ethos of blockchain. AI has the potential to enhance our security, streamline our experiences, and personalize our interactions, but it should never compromise the sanctity of our digital identities.” 

His statement underscores the importance of developing AI solutions that not only enhance the functionality and security of financial services but also safeguard the personal information of users. In this spirit, he added that collaboration with platforms like Silentswap, which focus on privacy-preserving technologies, becomes essential. 

Forging the Future: Partnerships and Progress at Consensus 2024

The collaboration between AI and blockchain technologies is creating a new frontier for trading and financial services. Crypto companies are increasingly seeking AI-powered tools to refine their trading strategies and operational efficiency. COPX DAO is at the forefront of this movement, providing sophisticated AI tools that adapt to market fluctuations and user needs. Both companies are speaking with leading crypto blockchain and project that are ready to use their AI tool. The team believes that there will be more partnership announcements in the next quarter.

The details of these partnerships remain under wraps, but the anticipation is high as the industry awaits the official announcements. These alliances are expected to bring forth a suite of enhanced services, combining Neurai’s AI expertise with the specialized capabilities of its new partners, thereby offering comprehensive solutions to the challenges faced by the financial sector.

The success of and Copx.Ai at Consensus 2024 is a harbinger of the future of finance. They will continue to expand its network and capabilities, the fintech community watches with keen interest, recognizing the company’s role in shaping the future of finance through the power of artificial intelligence. The new partnerships formed at Consensus 2024 will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in Neurai’s journey towards becoming a leading force in the AI-driven transformation of financial technology.

About Neurai

Neurai is an AI technology company based in Singapore, dedicated to advancing AI applications within the fintech sector. Their focus on algorithmic trading, investment advisory, and risk alerts has positioned them as a leader in AI-driven financial solutions.


COPX DAO is a pioneering platform at the intersection of decentralized governance and artificial intelligence. It is committed to revolutionizing the financial sector with a focus on community empowerment, transparency, and innovative AI tools.

About Consensus

Consensus is the world’s largest, longest-running, and most influential gathering that brings together all sides of the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 community.

For more information, please visit and Copx.Ai.

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