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The most trending TV series “Love Between Fairy and Devil” Has Been Globally Released and Soon to be Shown in Korea, America, Europe and Other Countries and Regions

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The TV series “Love Between Fairy and Devil” produced by IQIYI and Stellar Pictures has been released on IQIYI for only 48 hours, and the website content popularity rating has exceeded 9000, making it the most rapid TV series to break 8500 popularity rating on IQIYI in 2022. It was highly appreciated by users and became the No. 1 global popularity rating of IQIYI’s international app in 4 hours after its release. At the same time, “Love Between Fairy and Devil” aroused passionate attention in all major social media platforms, got more than 1200 popular searches all over the network, the total viewing amount of related topics exceeded 25billion, and was on top of many data lists, such as IQIYI FengYun list of total hot list, IQIYI TV series soaring list of total list, and Maoyan network-wide hot list of total list.


Before its airing, the reserved number of audiences in the website exceeded 4.3 million. With its sweet and surprising storyline, extremely oriental imaginative visuals, and a variety of intangible cultural heritage elements, it has been highly praised by audiences after its airing. In the fantasy world of “Love Between Fairy and Devil”, the detailed portrayal of scenes such as Shuiyun Sky, Cangyan Sea, Yunmeng Lakes, Siming Hall, and Yongquan Palace presented landmark features of different styles and the romantic ambience of extreme fantasy. The related topics #special effects  of Love Between Fairy and Devil , #picture style of Love Between Fairy and Devil  quickly aroused a large number of discussions, and audiences have shown appreciation for the quality of details in the series. In addition, the exquisite costumes, cosmetics and props, delicate and melodious BGM, and classical and elegant elements of intangible cultural heritage in the series, have gained a large number of favorable reviews from overseas audience, and promoted #Love Between Fairy and Devil overseas reviews  to be ranked on Weibo hot search list.

Stellar Pictures has insisted on promoting oriental aesthetics from details to a macro level when creating “Love Between Fairy and Devil”, which has laid a solid content foundation for Stellar Pictures to contribute to the promotion of traditional culture. In terms of decoration and costume accessories, the TV series cleverly integrated traditional techniques of intangible cultural heritage and embellished the roles’ living scenes with traditional aesthetic elements; in terms of worldview, it combined the imagery of the first ancient Chinese romantic poem “Chu Ci” and constructed the scenes of three worlds with elegant and spiritual poetry based on the element of water.

Stellar Pictures is committed to assuming the responsibility of China’s modern content creators, and has strongly promoted traditional culture out of the country with quality film and television works. “Love Between Fairy and Devil” has been successfully released to the world recently, mainly including Korea, India, Cambodia, Malaysia and other countries as well as America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and many other regions. It will then be on IQIYI HD channel on Astro Malaysia, as well as on major channels around the world.

The producer of “Love Between Fairy and Devil”, Stellar Pictures, has created four major labels: “Urban – Ancient Charm – Comic Adaptation – Fantasy”, and will continue to release several works from 2022 to 2023, including “Rising with the Wind”, “Love You Seven Times” and “Fox Spirit Matchmaker”. Stellar Pictures has always maintained a very high production standard, these works have also attracted intense concern from the audience during the filming and production period, of which “Rising with the Wind” has exceeded 1 million reservations on the IQIYI platform, “Love You Seven Times” topic reading exceeded 1 billion, “Fox Spirit Matchmaker” obtained the top position in the list of TV series expectations. In its next works, Stellar Pictures will continue the successful experience of the global release of “Love Between Fairy and Devil”, continue to tell Chinese legends, promote traditional culture, present the charm of elements of  intangible cultural heritage elements, and provide audiences at home and abroad with a sense of the beauty of Chinese culture.

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