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E2open's 22.4 Technology Update Deepens Network Coverage Across All Supply Chain Ecosystems to Minimize Disruption Risks

Companies on e2open’s connected platform can make more accurate, efficient, and autonomous decisions and improve execution for operations spanning channel, planning, logistics, global trade, and supply.

E2open Parent Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ETWO), the connected supply chain SaaS platform with the largest multi-enterprise network, announces the release of its fourth-quarter technology update, with enhancements across all network ecosystems to help clients improve supply chain resiliency in an increasingly uncertain economy. With e2open’s platform, clients can make aligned decisions that consider all aspects of the end-to-end supply chain and efficiently orchestrate coordinated workflows across all parties required to sustainably make, move, and sell goods and services.

New network and application capabilities in the 22.4 release provide deeper visibility, enhance decision quality, and automate process workflows across all tiers of operations – both internally and across outsourced ecosystem partners – for better outcomes, lower risk, and reduced cost of ownership.

"With this technology release, e2open continues to deepen network coverage across all applications to expand what is possible on the platform that clients rely on to operate their supply chain and channel operations," said Pawan Joshi, executive vice president of product management and strategy at e2open. "Our 22.4 release includes innovations such as advanced analytics to better align rebate and incentive programs with corporate goals, helping increase returns on channel investments. For planners and management, new transparency reports reduce human bias and accelerate adoption of artificial intelligence by explaining reasons for automated decisions in easy-to-understand language. In transportation and logistics, carrier discoverability and enhanced visibility into late deliveries enable shippers to mitigate transportation risks and avoid on-time-in-full (OTIF) penalties. Companies that trade across borders benefit from new supplier ESG analytics, support for the latest European Union Customs and US PGA filings, and more updates, to keep supply lanes open and goods flowing around the world.

“Our clients benefit from continually enhanced functionality needed to operate their supply chains from end to end, all available on one connected operating platform powered by a global network of 400,000 trading partners. This creates unprecedented advantage for e2open’s clients to deal with disruptions and maximize opportunities," said Joshi.

Some of the primary enhancements in e2open's 22.4 technology release include:


  • Incorrectly identified partners and customers can cost businesses millions in wrong incentive payments, sales commissions, and ineffective targeting. New advanced street address validation techniques significantly improve the accuracy of partner and customer identification and provide clients with complete, trustworthy, high-quality data to run more successful marketing campaigns and more accurately pay sales commissions and rebates.
  • Channel partners have the opportunity to earn substantial rebates but lack visibility on how efforts correlate with earnings. This often results in the wrong focus, policy infringements, and diminished loyalty to the brand owner. New rebate analytics allow channel partners to track key sales and rebate metrics to drive more business, deliver a higher return on brand owner incentive spend, and increase partner satisfaction and compliance.
  • Channel partners visit multiple sources to build a complete view of sales leads, which is a time-consuming and inefficient process. Enhanced lead management capabilities allow partners to see all the information and engagements for each lead in one place, and all their social media network interactions in one graph. This new way of viewing leads' touchpoints helps partners save time, better understand each lead, and engage more effectively to increase win rates.


  • E2open AI analytics use complex mathematics and inputs such as historical sales, seasonality, trends, and promotional lift and cannibalization to produce accurate forecasts across time horizons. New forecast breakdown analytics provide greater transparency into AI decisions with visibility to factors influencing statistical forecasts in easy-to-understand language, enhancing planner insight, confidence, and trust.
  • Uncharacteristically large deals can create demand spikes that statistically over-inflate a monthly demand forecast and disrupt future inventory and supply plans. New adaptable smoothing provides planners with options to "smooth" forecast peaks into more uniform weekly forecasts that better represent expected requirements for inventory and supply.


  • On-time performance is essential to last-mile logistics. Dispatchers are now alerted to planned routes at risk of late deliveries so they can take remedial action when drivers are running behind schedule because of traffic, weather, and other unexpected delays. Equally important is the ability for shippers to know how they perform fulfilling customer orders.
  • Missing on-time, in-full requirements can cost manufacturers millions of dollars in fines from retailers and vendors. Shippers can now automate the matching of carrier-reported quantities delivered against customer order quantities, providing more visibility to determine on-time, in-full performance.
  • Shippers can easily discover new carriers and include them in future contract bidding events via integrated automated workflows in the transportation management system (TMS). This eliminates the need for manual interaction during procurement, increases RFP response rate percentages, and expands access to contract rates for shippers.
  • Rapid return on investment starts with speedy implementation. New system enhancements lead to improvements in parcel implementations, reduced labor and time required to onboard carriers, easier customizing of hazmat and customs documentation, and streamlining of complex omnichannel workflow rollouts typically necessary for most organizations.
  • Ocean shippers can now more easily submit complete and accurate information about dangerous goods. The information is then validated against established global data and standards, ensuring compliance, and lowering the associated risk for ocean carriers to avoid potential concerns during transport. Meanwhile, shippers receive quick confirmation of their hazardous booking.

Global Trade

  • Multiple software updates enable clients to manage their declaration processes from start-to-finish in one platform when importing into China. Importers can now modify and delete the Customs Declaration Form (CDF) when filing in China's Single Window. A dynamic self-service reporting process verifies system-generated Customs Clearance Suggestions and matches them against the broker's final declaration submission.
  • E2open's Global Knowledge® trade content database is expanded to include 12 additional standard Restricted Part Lists and three enhanced sanctioned entity lists for Russia, Venezuela, and Belarus, keeping clients protected in today's fast-changing regulatory landscape. The total number of restricted party lists now tops 820, and the number of countries, jurisdictions, and territories covered expands to 226 with the addition of Timor Leste (East Timor).
  • Compulsory upgrades were made for importers and exporters to comply with the European Union (EU) Union Customs Code (UCC) changes for Ireland Renewed AES Export and Export Certification System (ECS), German Customs Atlas 10.0, and Netherlands DMS 4.0 export procedures. Also, the transition from UK CHIEF to the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is complete, and customs declarations compliant with the new service are managed in e2open’s application. These upgrades keep clients’ shipments compliant to avoid delays and fines.
  • Along with required updates for US Section 232 Trade Remedies, Free Trade Zone Customs and Trade Automated Interface Requirements (CATAIR) and FDA Supplemental Guide requirements, e2open generates a form auto-populated with all data filed with each Partner Government Agencies (PGA) on a shipment, providing a solid audit trail when validating US PGA customs filings.


  • Enhanced analytics dashboards enable brand owners to gain insight into supplier ESG, compliance, and audit risks. Obtaining current compliance status and accessing this information at the most optimal decision-time allows the brand to proactively protect their business reputation and achieve highly secure supply lines.

Network Platform

  • New e2net self-service features give admin users greater control and a more streamlined workflow. Admin users can speed onboarding by easily selecting connectors, protocols, and APIs all in one place. And a new Manage Alerts page provides a centralized location to subscribe, unsubscribe, and view alert details at all levels, including company, connection, and message flows.
  • Maintaining integration standards is an essential task for e2open to help ensure best-in-class interoperability for our clients. The e2open trading partner network's AS2 protocol certification has been renewed by the Drummond Group, providing continued support to the rapid onboarding of trading partners worldwide.

As a cloud-based platform, e2open consistently brings the best in channel and supply chain management technology to customers. To learn more about the full breadth of updates in this quarterly technology update, clients are encouraged to join e2open's 22.4 product release webinar.

About e2open

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