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Confluent and AWS Sign Agreement to Make it Easier to Stream Real-Time Data in the Cloud

Deepened relationship makes it easier for customers to connect, manage and process data in motion across cloud and hybrid environments

Confluent, Inc. (NASDAQ:CFLT), the data streaming platform to set data in motion, announced today a strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). Under this five-year agreement, Confluent and AWS have committed to joint go-to-market initiatives to help organizations accelerate their cloud adoption journey with real-time data.

“To thrive in the modern world, organizations must tap into their data as it’s created,” said Erica Schultz, President of Field Operations, Confluent. “At the same time, they have more data than ever and it is spread across every facet of their business. Through our collaboration with AWS - which is significantly enhanced through this new agreement - we’re making it easier for customers to unlock data in motion everywhere so they can build real-time applications that enable analytical and operational workloads, across cloud and hybrid environments.”

“The strength of our collaboration with Confluent is amplified by our focus on jointly working backwards from customer needs,” said Stephen Orban, General Manager, AWS Marketplace and Control Services, AWS. “Our expanded strategic collaboration allows customers to migrate real-time streaming data workloads to the cloud faster with Confluent Cloud on AWS.”

Companies are looking to accelerate digital initiatives and lower operational costs as they transition to the cloud. For these projects to be successful, organizations need a cloud-native platform for data in motion. Data infrastructure can collect and process a continuous flow of data from any source across the company, helping teams use the relevant data for faster innovation. The deepened relationship between Confluent and AWS will help organizations power their AWS services with real-time data to unlock rich customer experiences and improve backend operations.

“Because of the dynamic nature of the travel industry, we need to build our apps on modern infrastructure that is extremely scalable, highly available, and simple to use,” said Anush Kumar, Vice President of Intelligent Services, Expedia Group. “Confluent Cloud on AWS enabled us to handle 40X traffic spikes with no downtime, and deliver a more scalable, easy to manage and operate event-driven platform that significantly improved how we communicate with customers.”

“Every incremental data topic that we publish or consume with Confluent increases our ability to decouple platforms and increase our transformation velocity," said Jeff Renz, Vice President, Product Management & Technology, Amway. “With Confluent and AWS, we are getting more value out of our data because it’s moving seamlessly between applications, not waiting in a database to be processed in batch."

“Confluent and AWS helped modernize our legacy systems and achieve a level of scale that was not possible before,” said Patrick Franz, Senior Director, Engineering, SunPower. “By utilizing a fully managed cloud solution, SunPower has full visibility into the 6 million IOT devices in our fleet. The real-time data enables us to build digital solutions that revolutionize how homeowners interact with renewable energy from optimizing their home energy use to saving money.”

Confluent Cloud is available in AWS Marketplace and runs on AWS to unify management, security, and billing. This lets companies migrate and connect data in real-time to services including Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Lambda, and more with 120+ pre-builtconnectors so enterprises can migrate and modernize data platforms more easily. Built on Apache Kafka®’s open source foundation, Confluent Cloud’s fully managed service completes the open source project and makes it easier to adopt data streaming, reducing time to market and helping engineers spend more time focusing on projects that differentiate their business.

“We are revolutionizing the personal banking experience with a holistic, wealth-building platform made for the modern era and powered by real-time data,” said Steven Gall, Vice President of Engineering, M1 Finance. “Confluent significantly sped up our ability to deploy and run Kafka at scale and relieved us of the non-trivial duty of running and maintaining our own infrastructure. This allowed us to focus our efforts and energy entirely on helping our customers optimize their financial well-being.”

"By integrating real-time and batch data into Confluent Cloud from our ad platform, which is critical to our business, we can simplify our architecture and maintain data integrity," said Jueun Seo, Chief Technology Officer, Buzzvil. "Confluent on AWS provides a stable Kafka operating environment, and it is a cost-effective solution where we can connect to other AWS services."

"The greatest advantage is that Confluent Cloud on AWS provides an environment where you can focus purely on service development as a fully managed service, and the 30% cost reduction came to us as an additional benefit," said Brian Jeong, Tech Team Lead, ONDA. "We have built change data capture by connecting to AWS database service, and placed Confluent Cloud at the center of our service data pipeline."

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