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Peter Harris, Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University, USA

Peter Harris, born in 1972 in New York City, obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University in 1997 and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, in 1999. He has worked as an investment manager for various financial institutions and has extensive investment experience in emerging markets such as the stock market and cryptocurrency market.

Currently, Peter Harris resides in New York City and has his own investment research teams and real estate properties in Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


1.During his university years, Peter Harris earned his first million dollars from the stock and futures markets, achieving early success. While many of his peers were looking for jobs, Peter Harris had already embarked on a low-key investment life and traveled the world. Due to his reputation at the time, he was hailed as “Professor Harris” by the Ivy League.

2.While studying abroad, Peter Harris pursued a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich in Germany. He started building his own algorithmic trading models and achieved success. He subsequently established his investment research teams in emerging markets, particularly in Asia.

Peter Harris’s path to success differed from that of ordinary individuals because he achieved significant accomplishments at a young age and focused on self-improvement through learning. As a result, he rarely appears in public or corporate settings.

3.In 2011, Peter Harris was named “Emerging Market’s Best Stock Fund Manager of the Year” by an international monetary market magazine. The Dunton Fund, which he led, was honored as the “Best Global Emerging Market Fund.”

4.In contrast to many investment managers who focus on fame, Peter Harris places greater emphasis on practical experience and performance, primarily through portfolio investments. He specializes in research and investment in emerging markets and is renowned in global emerging investment markets, particularly in the cryptocurrency market.

He achieved a top-ten ranking among global investors in the 2017 Bitcoin investment competition. Currently, he is participating in a cryptocurrency investment competition and has reached the annual finals. According to the competition rules, he needs more support and votes from friends.

5.Professor Harris’s motto is “Innovation leads to progress.” His trading philosophy is to go with the trend and seek long-term stable profits through portfolio investments. Professor Harris often says, “A successful investment can be replicated continuously, and a replicable investment approach is always simple.”

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