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Seed new charity, when public welfare is carried out, create a new future

With an open mind, the Seed New charity is committed to improving the level of social welfare and changing the mode of people’s participation in social welfare. In today’s challenges and opportunities coexist, Seed New Charity has opened up a new way for the world to meet the development trend of globalization with an inclusive and prudent attitude.

Seed New Charity, which has a strong investment background, will join BP, Singapore Airlines, British Telecom and Singapore Government Investment Corporation in carrying out charitable activities on a global scale. We will work for the well-being of mankind, take the lead in ecological protection, and wholeheartedly promote sustainable development and build a more just and better society. Under the guidance of Seed New charity, more and more people begin to understand and join charity, continue to have social influence, and gather the power to change the world. Seed New Charity has deeply cooperated with enterprises and volunteer teams, completed a benign “closed loop of different industries”, and achieved mutual benefit with various partners with an efficient cooperation model, promoting development with charity, subsidizing charity with profit, and allowing charity to penetrate into all dimensions of society. Seed New Charity is fully qualified, with the latest financial licenses and cooperation qualifications, and has attracted a large number of high-quality partners around the world. In the stage of rapid development, Seed New Charity has devoted itself to practice, and implemented an open and transparent operation mode with an advanced and comprehensive supervision and management mechanism, which not only ensures the stability of the project, but also gives confidence to all partners to ensure the implementation of the charity. It can be said that under such a sound development system, the social influence of seed new charity is constantly expanding.

In the past year, with the support of a strong team, Seed New Charity has conducted in-depth research on a global scale and constantly developed new charity projects, striving to enhance the depth and breadth of charity, so that more people can enjoy the welfare of social development. In terms of investment. Seed New Charity has carried out the “Artificial intelligence unmanned Aerial System” in Singapore, the “Data Maritime Industry Project” in the United States, and the “No. 2 High Railway Project” in the United Kingdom, with firm and effective investment to obtain the power of charity development. In terms of charity, Seed New Charity, focusing on the Southeast Asian region, has carried out a wide range of charity activities in countries such as Vietnam. Taking Vietnam’s charity as an example, the Seed New charity focus breaks through the direction of education, and regularly distributes daily necessities and educational materials to local children in extreme poverty, sowing the seeds of education and charity on the land. In the activity, the children happily took over the supplies, their eyes showed gratitude and hope, which made people very moved. It can be said that seed new charity not only shares resources, but also gives them a rare hope to share the goodwill of the world. In the future, the Seed New Charity will continue to track the implementation of each project, and provide in-depth assistance if necessary, so that the concept of charity can be shared by more recipients, so that charity projects can achieve a more positive impact. There is no doubt that the new seed charity will benefit more people, will effectively purify the social atmosphere, protect the red line of ecological security for human beings, and strive for a better tomorrow.


In the future, SeedNew Philanthtopy will continue to strengthen its technological advantages and develop a safe and reliable charity system. SeedNew Philanthtopy will revolutionize the charitable model and strive for the well-being of all mankind.

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