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Klever Blockchain Validators Testnet Program War of Nodes campaign begins 21 Feb

Klever Blockchain

Klever Blockchain

Klever Blockchain KApps the new DApps

Klever Blockchain KApps the new DApps

Validators Testnet Program is a series of competitive challenges where validators learn, prepare, and earn points in order to prepare for the upcoming mainnet.

DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2022 / -- Klever, a fast-growing blockchain company offering services such as wallets, swaps, NFTs, among others, launched its own blockchain, KleverChain, to address all of the issues facing the blockchain industry.

Klever Validators Testnet Program is a series of competitive challenges where validators can learn, prepare, and earn points in order to prepare for the upcoming mainnet.

Klever Chain testnet is in full swing ahead of mainnet launch, and the next phase of testnet is about to begin: Validators Program, the War of Nodes!

Validators have a crucial role in maintaining the Klever network should they get elected on Mainnet. Once elected, the validator takes part in generating new blocks on the Klever Chain by reaching a consensus with other validators.

In return for their work and performance on Mainnet, they will receive rewards in KLV.

Now Klever is calling on all validators to participate in their campaign to find worthy validator candidates for the Klever Blockchain launch. The testnet will be divided into 4 phases, each testing a different aspect of validating and securing the Klever Blockchain network.

Anyone can become a validator as long as:

They have the required skills to run a validator node.
Can provide 99.9% uptime of their validator node.
Have enough KLV self-staked on their validator node.
Able to attract enough delegation in KLV to become an elected validator.

KleverChain has been designed to be anonymous, trustless, and secure across borders using decentralized economies to eliminate middlemen.

KleverChain has been designed after years of studying various blockchains. As a long-standing developer of blockchain products and solutions, Klever has built their public chain with the knowledge, expertise, and open mind needed to deliver the most efficient technology in terms of security, performance, scalability, and accessibility.

KleverChain is a simple, powerful public blockchain and makes it easy, cheap, and simple for developers to build and deploy blockchain KApps. It offers an array of decentralized applications, and with the launch of Testnet in December 2021, DApps have been tested, optimized, and advanced to make the blockchain experience secure, seamless and inspiring.

KleverChain works on a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. It means that any individual or company can be selected as a validator based on the KLV staked on the chain. The validators’ task is to validate and mine blocks on KleverChain. These validators also act as master nodes and these nodes have access to a highly reliable network.

With Bitcoin transacting 4.6 transactions per second, Ethereum transacting just 15 per second, on KleverChain 2000 transactions and more can be made per second. Klever has learned a lot about the practice of microservices from their experience handling large amounts of data in the private sector and having multiple public blockchain nodes including 3 million-plus users actively using Klever Wallet.

KleverChain in the future will come with built-in KApps. Developers can disable and enable various KApps like On-Chain swap, Liquidity mining, liquidity pools, username and domain sales as well as registration, digital identity, NFT marketplace, creating collectibles and NFT tokens, loans and collaterals, and DEX.

To build a project on KleverChain, developers will need a KleverOS software development kit (SDK). KleverOS SDK makes blockchain development simpler, why should blockchain be difficult? With KleverChain, mobile developers, web developers, and users don't need to have a deep understanding of crypto and blockchain to build a KApp.

Many a time apps can be very difficult to integrate on a blockchain network due to their complexity, but KleverChain will change this by lowering the barrier of entry and making it easier to integrate the features a developer wants.

KleverChain’s native infrastructure is much more secure, simpler to build, and cheaper to deploy than today’s dapps.

With many features, KleverChain will become a public blockchain to be reckoned with.

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Klever Finance
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Klever Blockchain Validators Program - Klever War of Nodes campaign

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