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Galaxy Market-Making Foundation Launches GLT Coin, Opening a New Era of Pledge Mining!

The Galaxy Market-Making Foundation has sparked a new wave of revolution in the blockchain field. After in-depth investigation, it was found that the Galaxy DAO officially released its new governance token – GLT coin, marking a move towards higher levels for decentralized autonomous organizations and leading the trend of pledge mining on the Binance Smart Chain.

The GLT token has zero pre-mining and users can only generate it through the pledge mining mechanism of the Galaxy eco-system platform, ensuring the scarcity of tokens and providing a unique digital asset experience. This new era not only brings users opportunities for fair competition but also emphasizes Galaxy DAO’s commitment to decentralized governance.

Delve into the uniqueness of GLT coin

GLT coin is generated through a pledge mining mechanism on the Galaxy eco-system platform. It is understood that GLT tokens introduced a locking mechanism, allowing users to lock tokens for a certain period of time to earn profits on the chain.

This unique mechanism sets GLT coin apart from traditional cryptocurrencies, placing more emphasis on long-term user participation and earnings.

Through pledge mining, users have the opportunity to gain substantial profits and play a greater role in the Galaxy DAO community.

Value of Multi-functional GLT Coin

The GLT coin not only has governance functions, but can also be used for voting, decision-making, identity credentials and other purposes. Users holding GLT coins not only enjoy priority investment subscription rights, but also receive airdrops from strategic cooperation projects and unique dividends from the Galaxy Foundation.

In addition, GLT coins can also be used to pay for investment reports, courses, as well as fees in ecological products such as DeOTC, Dex, Swap.

This versatility makes the GLT coin an indispensable part of the digital economic ecosystem.


The supply cap ensures scarcity and value-added potential

The supply cap of GLT token is 2.1 million, with 2 million tokens only available through pledge mining on the Galaxy eco-system platform. This design not only ensures the scarcity of GLT coins but also creates more opportunities for investors to increase in value.

Experts point out that by protecting prices, users will be able to enjoy wealth appreciation brought by scarcity in the market. This also provides more attractiveness for long-term holding of GLT coins, enhancing users’ confidence in its potential value.

Looking forward to the future of Galaxy Market-Making Fund

The launch of GLT coin by Galaxy DAO will bring new opportunities and challenges to the decentralized finance field. As a leader in blockchain technology, they are committed to driving the development of the entire industry and providing users with more digital asset value.

In the future, we look forward to witnessing Galaxy DAO achieve greater success in the digital finance field, continuously setting new benchmarks for pledge mining and decentralized governance.

Experts predict that with active participation from global users and a shared belief in GLT coin, its price is expected to continue rising. This trend will further solidify GLT coin’s position in the digital asset market, bringing more value to holders.

We look forward to seeing them achieve even greater success in decentralized finance.

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