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Fence Company Offers Neighborhood Rabbit Solution

Fridley, MN – In a recent blog, Northland Fence offers answers for people wondering what kind of fencing can keep rabbits out – or in. The blog goes on to cover fencing options that will keep rabbits exactly where the readers want them.

“There are many types of fences available to best suit the needs of whatever animal you may own. However, it’s important to pick the right kind of fencing for your animal’s needs. For example, barbed wire fencing might work great for cattle, but it could injure your dog if they tried to crawl under it. Chicken wire can work great for poultry, but some goats might push it right over,” the blog opens. Often, it’s ideal to keep rabbits out for the sake of gardens and dogs potentially attacking them, the blog says. Other times, people need a fence to keep pet rabbits safe in their yards. No matter the purpose, the most effective fencing is the same, Northland Fence explains.

The blog then goes on to address the best fencing materials for rabbits. Vinyl fencing, the blog says, is a great option due to its lack of gaps for rabbits to get in and out. It’s also durable and low maintenance. Chain link fencing, coated for the sake of longevity, is another viable choice. The blog admits, however, that rabbits might still be able to burrow underneath it, and cites steel fencing as another option that rabbits might be able to squeeze through or under. It also points out that the same concerns that come with chickens often come with rabbits, making chicken wire a choice that could work. “When installing a poultry fence for your rabbits, make sure you are prepared to bury it in the ground and you have proper stakes to ensure it’s well supported,” the blog adds.

Next, the article covers the necessary height for fencing that intends to keep rabbits contained. “There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when you try to find the right options for your rabbits. Not only can they jump, but they can also burrow. If you plan to not have a roof on their enclosure, your fence should be at least 3 feet tall,” the blog shares. Fencing should also be buried at least two feet underground to prevent rabbits from burrowing, Northland Fence adds. The blog also reminds the reader to keep potential predators in mind when building, and to make sure the fence is tall and sturdy enough to keep them out if they’re trying to keep rabbits fenced in.

Northland Fence ends the blog by covering their qualifications and encouraging the reader to contact them if they need help with fence installation.

Northland Fence has been in operation since 2004, with the family behind it having over 15 years of experience in the industry. They treat their customers and employees like family, with in-house employees paid year-round. They work year-round too, installing fencing no matter the season. They boast about always having supplies in stock and offer extensive warranties on materials and labor. They also assure customers that they never tack on hidden fees. All of these factors inevitably contribute to them being the highest-reviewed fencing company in the Minneapolis area.

For more information, visit Northland Fence’s website or call them at 763-316-4881.


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