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T&J Rooter Service Shares Tips to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

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01/23/2024, Toledo, OH // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

T&J Rooter Service, the top choice for plumbing in Toledo, OH, is pleased to share important tips to prevent pipes from freezing this winter season. Frozen pipes are a common issue when the weather drops extremely. Water in the pipe freezes and expands, leading to burst pipes, structural damage, flood, and expensive repairs. In case homeowners are already facing the challenges of burst pipes or frozen pipes, these trusted plumbers are just a call away for frozen pipe repairs in Toledo.

T&J Rooter Service, established in 2007, is a local, family-operated plumbing and drain cleaning company in Toledo OH.
T&J Rooter Service

Here are a few preventive and proactive measures:

  1. Disconnect any hoses connected to the faucets outdoors. Turn off the water supply to such faucets and drain the remaining water.

  2. All outdoor faucets may be insulated with Styrofoam insulation covers. This helps prevent water from freezing.

  3. Dripping faucets must be attended to immediately. Call a plumber and make necessary repairs before winter starts.

  4. Appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers that are placed in unheated spaces must be disconnected with the water supply shut off.

  5. Allow a slight trickle of water from hot and cold taps in bathtubs and sinks to flow through the pipes. This flow can help prevent the freezing of water.

  6. Keep the cabinet doors open and allow warm air into these areas. This helps avoid freezing under the sink.

  7. Use foam insulation sleeves for pipes that are in the non-heated areas of the house, especially in areas under pier and beam homes and trailers.

  8. Thermostat-controlled heat cables can also be used to provide direct warmth for high-risk pipes.

  9. Always make sure that the indoor heat is maintained to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit so as to avoid frozen pipes.

  10. Turn off water during vacations or holiday trips. The main water supply can be shut off to prevent pipes from bursting.

  11. Use hair dryers or heaters to gently thaw frozen pipes. Do not use open flames.

  12. Slightly open indoor faucets to alleviate pressure from frozen pipes.

These tips to prevent pipes from freezing will work most of the time. There will be situations where despite taking precautions, the pipes might still freeze. The best thing to do is to call T&J Rooter Service for frozen pipe repair in Toledo. It uses specialized pipe-thawing equipment. It is here to help the communities of Toledo navigate through these extreme winter months with minimal disruptions in their plumbing systems.

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About T&J Rooter Service

T&J Rooter Service, established in 2007, is a local, family-operated plumbing and drain cleaning company in Toledo OH. It offers drain cleaning, repairs, and replacements of sewer lines, toilets, faucets, garbage disposal, and water heaters, along with leak detection and repair. Their commercial plumbing services include backflow prevention testing and repair, grease trap cleaning and maintenance, restaurant plumbing repair and maintenance, and office building plumbing repair and maintenance.


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