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Ohio Rehab’s Blog Discusses Alcohol Intolerance

Columbus, OH - In their recent blog post, SUN Behavioral Health Columbus discusses what alcohol intolerance is. Alcohol intolerance is when the body is not able to break down alcohol, and it can come with many uncomfortable signs and symptoms. It is not the same as an alcohol allergy. An intolerance typically has mild symptoms that impact the digestive system. It is also not life-threatening. An allergy to alcohol affects the immune system and is often severe and potentially life-threatening. Most people are not allergic to alcohol itself but to an ingredient found in it. If someone has an allergy, their doctor can run tests to confirm it.

"Symptoms for both can be similar as they both include rashes, stomach cramps, and nausea. However, the most significant indicator is that an allergy will often be more painful and uncomfortable than alcohol intolerance. If you experience painful symptoms when you drink, discussing your symptoms with your doctor can allow you to get more accurate answers to your symptoms," the blog post states.

Alcohol intolerance can have several causes. For example, their body may lack the enzymes necessary to break down alcohol. The lack of these enzymes is most common among people of Asian descent but can also occur in other ethnicities. Sometimes, people may not be intolerant of alcohol itself but of an ingredient found in it. For example, some people are intolerant to preservatives, chemicals, grains, or histamine, which can be found in alcohol. In rare cases, Hodgkin's lymphoma may result in symptoms associated with an alcohol intolerance. Most people are born with an alcohol intolerance. However, it is possible to develop it later in life.

People with an alcohol intolerance often experience a combination of mild, uncomfortable symptoms that do not require a visit to a doctor. These symptoms may include a red face, a runny nose, or low blood pressure. Other people experience diarrhea, nausea, and migraines. If the person has asthma, they may feel their asthma is worsening. These symptoms can also occur if someone has an allergy, so if someone has severe symptoms, they should be tested by their doctor. If someone has an alcohol intolerance, they should not drink alcohol. It is not necessarily life-threatening. However, not drinking will limit one's chances of experiencing uncomfortable or painful symptoms.

"The only way not to have symptoms regarding alcohol intolerance is not to drink alcohol. Most of the time, people with an alcohol intolerance will not want to drink alcohol because of their symptoms. Because of the symptoms they experience, they will more than likely not have an alcohol use disorder. However, suppose you do have an alcohol use disorder despite your alcohol intolerance. In that case, you might feel alcohol has control over your life even though you have symptoms that make drinking alcohol painful. The best thing to do in this case is to undergo alcohol detox. By receiving alcohol use disorder treatment, you will be able to free yourself from the symptoms associated with alcohol intolerance," the blog post continues.

SUN Behavioral Health Columbus solves unmet needs in the community. It offers an on-site pharmacy that will continue to handle medications after treatment has been completed. Sometimes, an alcohol use disorder can exist alongside another disorder, such as depression. They can treat both disorders together to prevent complications from arising during recovery. Their crisis care is open 24/7, allowing people to receive the proper stabilization they need whenever that moment occurs.

Call them at 614-706-2786 or visit their website for more information. SUN Behavioral Health Columbus solves unmet needs.


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