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Local Rehab Aims to Reduce Alcohol Stigma in Blog

Madeira Beach, FL - In a recent blog, Tranquil Shores discusses the impact stigma has on those with alcohol use disorders, and how their friends and family can help. Words like “alcoholism” and “alcoholic” contribute to stigma. When someone uses these words, it reduces the person to their condition. It also can come with the belief that the person has a moral failing or is lazy. The truth is that many people can and do recover from this disorder, but the best way to accomplish this is by changing how it is discussed and thought about.

“You wouldn’t judge or blame someone for having cancer. Why is it so easy to blame people with substance use disorders for their conditions? Long-term alcohol use that leads to the development of an alcohol use disorder changes the brain to make it even harder to stop drinking. People who fall on alcohol as a coping mechanism typically have an undiagnosed mental health condition or unaddressed trauma in their lives. None of that is their fault,” the blog post states.

There are many reasons why stigma is dangerous. One of these reasons is people may have a challenging time recognizing they have an alcohol use disorder. Perhaps someone has been told negative aspects of this disorder, such as “not having a job.” If they are still able to keep their job, they might not see how their alcohol use disorder has impacted their life. When people are unable to recognize they might need help, it can create a delay in seeking treatment.

It may also result in people being afraid to get help for fear that they will receive judgment before or after recovery. They may feel like nobody will understand them, and they won’t have the support they need to succeed in their recovery. When people lack a supportive environment, they have a higher chance of returning to use because they don’t want others to think badly of them. Some might even feel shame if they need to return to treatment, but this emotion is unnecessary. All it means is adjustments to their recovery plan need to be made, which should bring more strength and pride to the person.

Conquering and confronting stigma is the best way to change how the community views alcohol use disorder. The first thing to do is change the vocabulary. Instead of “alcoholism,” opt for “alcohol use disorder,” and instead of “alcoholic,” say “person with an alcohol use disorder.” This is known as person-first language. It is also essential to move away from the idea of alcohol use disorder being a choice. Many factors can contribute to this disorder, such as genetics, mental health conditions, and trauma.

“It’s important to treat alcohol use disorder like the health condition it is, too. It isn’t a hopeless situation. There is evidence-based, effective treatment available, and everyone is capable of recovery. It isn’t something individuals should go through alone, and no one should expect them to, either. Seeking help for alcohol use disorder should be normalized and encouraged instead of demonized,” the blog post continues.

Tranquil Shores provides the peaceful and private treatment people deserve. To do this, they have a 3:1 client-counselor ratio. The high-end rehab facility is located on the beach and has direct access. Clients who attend treatment are allowed to keep and use their phones and laptops, which enables professionals to access their businesses and work while recovering from an alcohol use disorder.

Visit their website or call them at 727-391-7001 for more information. Tranquil Shores provides the peaceful and private treatment people deserve.


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