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ActivWALL™: Revolutionizing Classroom Storage and Learning Experience

By: Prodigy
01/25/2024, AURORA // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

In today’s evolving educational landscape, Aurora Storage proudly introduces the groundbreaking “ActivWALL™,” a cutting-edge solution that redefines classroom storage and learning spaces. Meticulously designed with teacher input, ActivWALL™ is not just a storage system; it's a revolutionary approach to creating dynamic, flexible, and personalized learning environments.

What is ActivWALL™?

ActivWALL™ is a patent-pending, interactive educational storage system. It's the brainchild of Aurora Storage that envisioned a classroom where every element promotes learning and ease. This innovative system allows teachers to tailor the learning environment to meet the diverse needs of their students, with the ability to customize activities and learning tools.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Convenience

A standout feature of ActivWALL™ is its mobility. Unlike traditional furniture, ActivWALL™ doesn’t require anchoring to the floor, making it an ideal choice for older buildings, particularly those with asbestos flooring concerns. Its easy-to-uninstall and reinstall nature makes it perfect for changing classroom layouts or relocating to new spaces.

Personalization at Its Core

The uniqueness of ActivWALL™ lies in its customizability. The system includes slat wall accessories, offering teachers endless possibilities to personalize their storage and teaching aids. This feature encourages educators to creatively adapt their teaching spaces to their pedagogical methods and student needs.

Efficient Use of Space

In terms of space efficiency, ActivWALL™ is a game-changer. It offers three times the storage capacity of traditional casework by utilizing vertical space, providing between 470 and 590 cubic feet of storage across four bays. This ingenious design not only maximizes storage but also frees up to 50 square feet of valuable classroom floor space.

Electrical Integration and Accessibility

Understanding the growing need for technology in education, ActivWALL™ incorporates grommets in its slat wall. These allow for easy access to electricity by drawing power from existing outlets and facilitating the use of digital tools in the classroom.

The In-Room Library Feature

ActivWALL™ transforms into an extensive in-room library, supporting literacy and learning. Each Pivot Wall can store up to 350 books, making a wide range of reading materials accessible within the classroom. This feature is vital for fostering a reading culture and ensuring no student is left behind, regardless of their reading level.

Presentation Zone for Enhanced Learning

ActivWALL™ includes a dedicated presentation zone, a unique feature that offers a stage-like platform for student presentations. The surfaces are adaptable, being projector screen capable, whiteboard writable, and magnetic, supporting diverse teaching and learning methods.

Workshop Storage for Modern Education

Embracing the STEAM approach, ActivWALL™ provides high-density storage for teacher manipulatives, project-based learning materials, and digital tools. The system integrates in-wall electrical power for digital storage and charging, ensuring that technology is always at hand for innovative teaching and learning.


Aurora Storage's ActivWALL™ is more than just a storage system; it's a transformational tool for modern education. By merging storage solutions with customizable, technology-integrated features, ActivWALL™ empowers teachers to create dynamic and engaging learning environments. This innovative system aligns perfectly with Aurora Storage's mission to enhance educational experiences through smart and efficient library shelving systems.

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