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Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army Has Become The ‘Spokesbrand’ of Fashionable Women in The New Era

Designer Hu Sheguang

Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army

Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army at Sunac A'Duo Town

Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army at Sunac A'Duo Town

Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army

In 2022, Sunac A’Duo Town - Hu Sheguang’s Art Season impressed the world.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 8, 2022 / -- Art lights up life, fashion shines into dreams, and the 2022 Sunac A’Duo Town - Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army Fashion Art Season has ended successfully. Designer Hu Sheguang, the founder of Chinese fashion women's platform in the new era, has once again made brilliant achievements, continued to write a fashion legend, and impressed the world.

In the summer breeze, designer Hu Sheguang and 500 Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army gathered at A’Duo for four days, and eight immersive fashion aesthetics shows were staged in turn, refreshing the new height of fashion life aesthetics, and capturing the dream moment.

Hu Sheguang is one of the most influential designers in today's fashion circle. For many years, he has been deeply involved in the exploration of the artistic realm behind clothing design, injecting traditional Chinese cultural symbols into haute couture, insisting that every piece of clothing is a work of art, and every show is an expression. He creates explosive fashion topics and leads Chinese design power to bloom on the world fashion stage. Each of Hu Sheguang's works has its own unique style, known as ‘Hu-style aesthetics’.

Designer Hu Sheguang has always been the ‘top traffic’ in the fashion circle, and everyone has witnessed his star-making ability. He once shocked the fashion circle with the Northeast China style big padded jacket, which made many people familiar with Wang Deshun. Since then, many star artists have been proud of being able to appear on the show of designer Hu Sheguang, and they have performed together again and again. Hu's Aesthetics is hot out of the circle, impressing the global fashion media!

2022 Sunac A’Duo Town - Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army Fashion Art Season brought eight fashion haute couture shows including the first ever domestic show of ‘A PLACE’ that presented at London Fashion Week in February 2022, his latest couture baroque series, and the couture cheongsam. The fusion of architectural shapes and fashion silhouette design, the collusion of inspiration in the clear structure, and Hu as the fashion legend, brought a fashion feast that challenged the vision and the soul.

Time has no limit, fashion has no boundary of age. Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army, this group of members with an average age of 55, love fashion, bravely pursue dreams, they are oriental women in the new era. 2022 Sunac A’Duo Town - Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army Fashion Art Season (500 women from all over the country) gathered in A’Duo to inject fashion into each set of haute couture performances, convey the power of oriental women, and at the same time refresh the world's perception of women in the new era of China.

Designer Hu Sheguang integrates the oriental stories of portraits of women in the new era of China into his design, so that they can find a sense of belonging in fashion, and bloom with fashion dreams. He has led the Hu Sheguang's Fashion Women's Army to be appeared on the Nasdaq LED billboard, the domestic and foreign fashion weeks many times.

In an interview after the show, the designer said: "Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army was founded in 2019 and is a platform that advocates a new lifestyle for women. Creating the charm of women is not only about enhancement with luxurious fabrics and complicated craftsmanship, but also conveying the new oriental spirit. ”The power of women, showing the image of the new Oriental women, should be presented in a more diverse and innovative way."

In February 2022, the "A PLACE Haute Couture Show" was popular in London Fashion Week. Six sisters of Hu Sheguang's Fashion Women's Army participated in the show, which was praised by European media and subverted the world's fashion circle's perception of Chinese women's image. In this ‘A PLACE Haute Couture Show’ at A’Duo town, the first-line young model and the sister of the Women's Army continued to write the fashion legend of London Fashion Week, and reproduced the epic show that affected the fashion world. A PLACE series show, specially invited first-line young models and 17 sisters of Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army to participate in the show. They are Yu Hanling, Wang Jun, Zhou Lin, Li Yanji, Duojia, Zheng Ping, Sun Jing, Cai Nishan , Xu Yanhong, Huang Hui, Liu Zhenyu, Zhu Xiuyan, Luo Chaobin, Zhou Quan, Li Ke, Lin Yongjun, and Chu Haiyan. These sisters have more say about life lessons than us do.

On June 2, the 2022 Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army Charity Tour - North China Station, with the topic ‘Put filial piety first and spread the seeds of love’, was held in A’Duo Huayu Smile Square. Participants are of all ages from 4 to 80 years old. Revisiting the oriental aesthetics that belongs to China uniquely, in the collision of haute couture and Hanfu culture, we find multiple paths of cross-border aesthetics, make filial piety and respect for elders a trend. Hu Sheguang Fashion Women's Army holds a large-scale fashion public welfare tour every year to help beauty-loving women find themselves, define themselves, and discover their new charm.

The fusion of fashion and art, designer Hu Sheguang and A’Duo work together to interpret the aesthetics of life, and the moment of dream. Sunac A’Duo Town, located in Zangma Mountain, West Coast New District, Qingdao, is a high-quality leisure destination with a rustic setting as its core, creating a poetic life in the pastoral landscape.

Pastoralism and art merge with tradition and fashion. The cooperation and communication between designer Hu Sheguang and Sunac A’Duo Town, with gorgeous fashion haute couture show, focusing on the front end of trend design, presents a visual feast of fashion integration into life. Let the artistic atmosphere flourish.

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