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Welcome to the computing power world of OpenPower

Currently, a new round of industrial transformation and technological revolution is accelerating, and the vigorous rise of production methods with digital technology as the core driving force is pushing human society into the era of digital economy. As a key component of digital technology, computing power has become a key support for the development of the digital economy.

give birth to

On April 24, 1982, IBM officially launched the first personal computer. Human society entered the information age, smart terminals began to enter people’s daily lives, and data began to be generated and flowed in large quantities.

On August 6, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee officially introduced the World Wide Web to the world. Human society entered the Internet era, and intelligent terminals began to initially interconnect with each other, and the flow rate of data increased exponentially.

On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto created the first block in the Bitcoin blockchain network. With the birth of the blockchain, the importance of computing reached its highest point in history, and the flow and storage of data gained a new organizational form.

However, as history moves forward to the end of the second decade of the 21st century, hundreds of millions of smart terminals, or computing power nodes, are still idle for more than 90% of the time and cannot be used. Despite its use, data rights, privacy protection and value definition have not yet been truly established. Such a discrete, isolated, and non-privacy-protected Internet architecture is waiting for the most thorough change, allowing it to truly fully utilize its computing power and data value, and bring benefits to the development of human civilization.

March into

The continuous development and accumulation of technology has led us once again to an important juncture in history – at a time when the traditional computing architecture that monopolizes governance structures, computing power, algorithms and data can no longer meet the needs of computing complexity and data security and liquidity, new computing A new generation of computing networks is bound to emerge.

OpenPower – a high-performance distributed intelligent computing network service system, as our vision and practice for future computing architecture, will lead us to the future all-digital world. OpenPower creates a larger, lower-cost and more efficient massive computing power chain network creation and collection and distribution scheduling network, which is different from traditional centralized computing power networks and cloud computing power networks. OpenPower will create the world’s largest intelligent computing cluster resource pool.

OpenPower is committed to making data flowable and computing trustworthy. From then on, people and people, people and things, and things and things are deeply connected, so that each other is organically constructed into a real next-generation network, helping everyone participate in it, contribute, achieve others, and become an indelible part of the whole.

Just like the construction of an expedition base in an outer star field requires the collective efforts of many parties, OpenPower is a super infrastructure and service system that plans a very large all-digital world. The complex network created by OpenPower faces huge technical challenges. There are many problems in the design of distributed architecture, cryptographic algorithms, game theory mechanisms, hardware implementation and network construction, which await theoretical breakthroughs in academic circles and bits and pieces of engineering exploration. . Some problems are even intellectual challenges faced by all mankind. Therefore, we will not adopt the model of independent closed development and then centralized launch. Instead, we will develop together with our technical community through open source and achieve rapid iteration. In this way, our R&D results can be gradually applied in a variety of scenarios as quickly as possible. Through the joint development of the technical community and the collection of feedback and optimization in the application, we can continuously optimize the entire OpenPower function and solve the problems faced one by one. With the support of the technical community, we will continue to carry out rapid iterations of multiple versions to promote the continuous optimization and improvement of various systems including basic chains, consensus algorithms, smart contracts, MPC, VC, various clients, etc. .


OpenPower-WEB3 Infrastructure

OpenPower AI aims to build an infrastructure that empowers Web3 and the Metaverse to solve a pain point in the current digital asset ecosystem: by providing powerful, low-latency, cost-effective and reliable computing resources so that developers can easily and deploy dApps in a decentralized manner to meet the growing demand for computing power from applications such as Web3/metaverse.

OpenPower – high-performance distributed intelligent computing network

OpenPower aggregates scattered AI physical computing resources into a huge computing power pool to perform computing tasks in response to different development needs. For developers, operating a distributed AI cluster resource can be as simple as using a computer.

Computing tasks cover graphics processing, machine learning, data analysis and mining, and the latest deep learning technology. The deep learning module provides a variety of performance optimization solutions from the aspects of data, algorithms, and models, provides fine-grained scheduling and deployment, and accurately supports single The exclusive use and sharing of specific TPU, GPU, CPU, memory and other AI computing resources of each node allows developers to focus on efficient development in their own professional fields.

At the software resource layer, OpenPower will integrate common deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, Darknet, MXNet, ONNX, PyTorch, PaddlePaddle, and TensorFlow, as well as common deep learning data sets such as Mnist, MS-COCO, and ImageNet, to provide developers with software and hardware integration. solution.

OpenPower’s computing power cloud and edge computing

To achieve efficient distributed AI computing, the performance requirements of TPU, GPU, CPU, memory, bandwidth and network latency of hardware nodes are extremely high. Considering the global complex network environment, edge computing must also be taken into account. OpenPower consists of a server cluster forming an intelligent computing center and a massive number of dispersed personal devices forming an intelligent computing cluster, aiming to achieve an AI supercomputing network with extreme energy efficiency.

OpenPower’s hyper-heterogeneous distributed computing network

The next computing power revolution will be based on heterogeneous computing.

In the field of AI computing, both the growth rate of data scale and the diversification of data forms have far exceeded the current processing and computing capabilities. In the next ten years, architectural innovation will be the main driving force for innovation, and heterogeneous computing will bring exponential expansion effect.

AI computing mainly has the following requirements: multiple computing accelerations, time to market considerations, scalability, development difficulty, data bandwidth delay, price, training speed, real-time derivation, energy efficiency ratio, and volume. Diverse computing architectures include scalar, vector, matrix and space, which are applied to CPU, GPU, AI and FPGA and ASIC products respectively. The performance, compatibility, and learning costs between different development frameworks are important factors that affect development efficiency. Complex development environments and frameworks that cannot be updated simultaneously cause developers to spend a lot of energy solving problems on their own. These all rely on the construction of the ecological chain. The integration of solutions from all parties and the support of languages, compilers, frameworks, runtime libraries, etc. are challenges faced by OpenPower.

In the second phase, OpenPower aims to integrate different hardware architectures and software programming frameworks and realize a hyper-heterogeneous distributed computing network based on blockchain.

OpenPower makes the metaverse smarter

Non-player characters (NPCs) in the current game world are indispensable and dull at the same time. Whether they are passers-by, miscellaneous soldiers, BOSSs and plot-driven characters, they can only give feedback according to programmed settings. Inanimate objects The physical interaction is also quite rudimentary, the human-machine battle strategy and large-scale strategic logic are even more monotonous and inefficient, and the virtual world still operates within an extremely limited scope.

Let’s imagine a metaverse collection driven by the OpenPower computing power matrix and strategy field. Unlimited low-cost AI computing power allows the entire world to continuously perform deep learning and self-growth:

NPCs will become smarter and smarter, even have independent personalities, have real emotional feedback, and gradually “awaken”;

Large-scale AI strategies are ever-changing and do not require excessive manual debugging and intervention;

Physical collisions, damage and interactions are getting closer to reality and can even form a self-consistent evolution of the physical laws of different parallel universes (ecological projects).

This is a colorful world full of vitality and surprise. The infinite output of AI computing power is no less than the ideal of nuclear fusion in the real world, but the difficulty of implementation is much lower than that of nuclear fusion. OpenPower integrates global servers, idle PCs, mobile phones and AI computing The equipment performs low-latency and high-speed on-demand output to form an AI supercomputing network. This is an advanced breakthrough in technology and thinking, and it is also a great practice of blockchain carbon neutrality.


As depicted in “Galactic Empire”, thousands of people have galactic dreams. Behind the waves of alien immigration is mankind’s never-ending pursuit and desire for progress, development, and the future.

OpenPower is just the starting point for a long journey in the world of computing power. We welcome everyone to set off with us to explore a new world of data sharing and utilization!

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