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Obesity Is Not an Invincible Predator - A Patented, New Approach to Cure Obesity

GREENSBORO, NC and ANGUILLA, BRITISH WEST INDIES / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2023 / AT Research Partners is pleased to announce the issuance of US Patent #11,771,125 for a natural serotonin stimulant for appetite appeasement and weight loss, called Lactova™.

Overweightness is not an invincible predator. Its causes surround us in plain sight. The epidemic is endemic to ordinary, perfectly normal biology. In cultures of abundant food and universal access to it, perceptions of hunger are often manifested as "food noise" with predictable outcomes.

Food noise is an amorphous sensation that leads to random eating that triggers hormones that stimulate more perceived hunger. This cycle eventually leads to the accumulation of adipose tissues, or bodily fat deposits.

The solution is "Targeted Eating™" - which is so fundamental to addressing the obesity epidemic that AT Research Partners have trademarked this term to complement this newly patented nutraceutical. By stimulating intestinal serotonin production, Lactova™ can provide a path to enjoying a daily unrestricted, satisfying meal and help restore a natural circadian rhythm.

In a "real world" feasibility study, most initial subjects were reporting consistent weight loss, but a larger study is needed for commercial performance claims to be established.

"Trying to optimize my patients' weight in preparation for aesthetic and reconstructive procedures has been one of the greatest challenges in my practice for many years," said co-inventor, Dr. Lowell Hughes, whose patients have been participating in the feasibility study. "While the GLP-1 agonists have exploded with impressive weight loss effects, an increasingly concerning litany of reported side effects - and given our early results - are compelling reasons to recommend Targeted Eating™ and Lactova™ as a first line of treatment. It is a safe option for anyone who needs to lose stubborn pounds to manage their health and live a longer, more active life."

"Lactova™ is ready for a commercialization partner at a critical time," said lead inventor, Terry Brady, who has been awarded several patents for his previous innovations. "The media is in a frenzy over the injectable weight loss drugs, but the cost, supply issues, and requirements for chronic therapy are challenges for many people. Frightening press about side effects like malnutrition and lost food gratification are also making an urgent case for a totally new approach."

At this juncture, with this newly issued patent, AT Research Partners is seeking seed capital and/or divestiture for commercialization to offer a safe, affordable, sustainable "cure" to obesity - without chronic therapy.

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About A.T. Research Partners

A.T. Research Partners is dedicated to the development of intellectual property. Visit to learn more about their expertise, achievements, and intellectual property portfolio.

Lactova™ is a trademark of A.T. Research Partners and has been awarded US Patent (USPTO Patent No. 11,771,125) entitled, "Concentrated Nutritional or Supplemental Compound for Intestinal, Gut-Brain Axis and Neurobiological Homeostasis through Calibrated Absorption Including Neurotransmitter or Any Equilibrating Compound Release to Treat or Mitigate Disease and Co-morbidities." Targeted Eating™ is a trademark of A.T. Research Partners.

Contact: AT Research Partners (; +1-336-217-5163)

Lactova™ is a Natural Serotonin Stimulant for Appetite Control and Healthy Weight Loss through Targeted Eating™.
Linking Brain, Body, and Environment: In a world of abundance, "food noise" can trigger overconsumption that leads to weight gain and obesity. By gently stimulating serotonin production, Lactova™ provides safe appetite appeasement, helping to align with natural circadian rhythms and enable healthy, targeted eating.

SOURCE: AT Research Partners

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