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Fishbowl Youth Empowers Young Entrepreneurs with New Classes in Business Management, Marketing, & Public Speaking

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2023 / In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and dynamic market landscapes, fostering entrepreneurship among the youth remains critical. Fishbowl Youth Entrepreneurs ("Fishbowl") has stepped into this need with an incredible platform that empowers young minds to dive into the world of innovation and business.

Fishbowl: Mentorships and resources for youth to start and grow their own businesses

Fishbowl was founded by CEO Inbal Bitan, an entrepreneur and passionate believer in the transformative power of business ownership. After watching her two young children develop crucial skills as they grew their small art box business, she realized that the ability of anyone to innovate or succeed is not determined by their age but by their vision, knowledge, and abilities.

"I saw in my kids the same incredible drive that adult entrepreneurs have. It was just a matter of giving them the opportunities to cultivate it," Bitan remembers. "In creating Fishbowl, I envisioned more young innovators having everything they need to make their dreams come true, including access to the friendships, community, and resources that can increase their self-confidence and grow their businesses."

At Fishbowl, staff, mentors, and educators are all committed to empowering youth, fostering their social and emotional growth, and providing a nurturing environment where young entrepreneurs can thrive and discover their full potential. Through online seminars and in-person meetups, students learn about everything needed to launch a successful business, including how to craft a mission statement and vision, establish an online presence, master sales tactics, hone public speaking skills, shape their online image, market a product, manage vendors, and more. Crucially, there are no tests or grading - instead, the focus is on personal growth, self-expression, and fun.

Fishbowl Youth Entrepreneurs is dedicated to fostering a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for students, encouraging them to think creatively and become entrepreneurs.

At Fishbowl, Bitan and her team are now registering the next generation of budding entrepreneurs for their fall 2023 and winter 2024 classes. The semester-long programs, open to kids and teens across California's Ventura and Los Angeles counties, are a unique chance to learn invaluable life and business skills from industry professionals and experienced entrepreneurs. In addition to cultivating practical knowledge and increasing their confidence, each attendee will receive a free gift and the exciting opportunity to sell their products at local events.

This year at Fishbowl, participants will progress through a five-step entrepreneurial program that includes:

  • Identity: Each student will think about their passions and interests, cultivating a deeper appreciation for what makes them unique.
  • Brainstorming: They will then generate a list of business ideas and be encouraged to think creatively and outside of the box.
  • Research: Students will validate the potential of their ideas by talking to potential customers, analyzing the market, and considering their resources and skills.
  • Plan: They will detail their target market, create a marketing plan, and outline their financial projections.
  • Execution: Last, they will launch and grow their businesses, successfully navigating challenges and receiving ongoing support and mentorship.

"We are thrilled to open registration for this year's Fishbowl young entrepreneur program," says Bitan. "Last summer, we had so much fun helping children to channel their energy and creativity into projects that bring them joy. We can't wait to meet our new students and be wowed by their entrepreneurial vision and energy."

Parents who would like to register for the 2023/2024 young entrepreneurs sessions or learn more about Fishbowl's commitment to positivity, learning, and individuality can visit

Summer showcase of FishBowl Youth Entrepreneurs

About Fishbowl Youth Entrepreneurs

Fishbowl Youth Entrepreneurs is comprised of dedicated professionals who believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship and its ability to instill valuable skills and qualities in the next generation. Fishbowl not only teaches attendees about business but also provides a supportive community where young minds can thrive, gain confidence, and discover their potential. It is a beacon of empowerment for youth and is committed to positively impacting the lives of budding entrepreneurs around the United States.

For more information about Fishbowl Youth Entrepreneurs, please see its website or contact:

Inbal Bitan, CEO of Fishbowl Youth Entrepreneurs

SOURCE: Summer showcase of FishBowl Youth Entrepreneurs

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