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3xdollar is launching World’s first NFT based game called social gaming Chess

3xdollar is launching its first NFT based game called social gaming chess where any community member need not know the play and rules of chess . A 3x Dollar Eco-System Combined With DEFI, Online Gaming & NFT

England, United Kingdom - November 25, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

3xdollar is launching its first NFT based game called social gaming chess where any community member need not know the play and rules of chess . 3xdollar has designed a chess game for collecting  chess pieces like pawns, nights, rooks, bishops, queen, king & chess board. This game's object is to collect the pieces by purchasing the 3xd tokens and get these pieces randomly thru cryptography  at your wallets and for earnings members can submit their chess pieces in assigned pools  like pawn pool, rook pool, knight pool, bishop pool, queen pool, king pool, chess board pool  and  chess million dollar pool thats complete chess board set with all black & white pieces. All chess pieces are treated as NFT and are tradable with 3xd tokens. The uniqueness of this game is the entire sale amount  of chess pieces  will be held on smart contract  and divided in the mentioned pools  and members can claim the pool by submitting the chess pieces in respective pools. 

DeFi games are gaining popularity for their fun and crypto earning features. Many believe they bring more users to the world of decentralized finance. They can bring more users to the world of decentralized finance. They provide a substitute to crypto enthusiasts to trade cryptos by earning them while playing 

What is DEFI ?

Decentralized means that the creators of any defi protocol have devolved power over their smart contracts to the community and given the voting power on the future of the network.
DEFI is a financial service carried out on blockchain and no central authority can control this. DEFI is taking over the traditional way of financial system and replacing the middleman with a smart contract deployed on blockchain  and the DEFI system is open and permissionless 

How do DEFI games work ?

DEFI games are nowadays enabling a big shift towards play n earn model. such games represent objects as NFT . NFT is an interesting exploration and attempt on DEFI games. We hope to make gaming NFTs value be more sustainable, more clearly  while also combined with the game itself  in a fun way thru the design of 3xdollar's social gamify "play n earn"  

Why is DEFI acceptable globally ?

The excitement around DeFI centers on the concept of "Money Legos"  The idea that anyone is able to create, modify, mix-and- match, link , or build on top of any existing DeFi product without permission. DeFI protocols are modular so they can stack on top of each other to build an increasingly denser system of interoperating parts. 

DEX are another popular type of defi protocol  Uniswap is the biggest DEX world wide with a daily trading volume of more than $426 million surpassing the volume of some big  centralized exchanges 

What else is different ?

Besides being able to stack on the top of each other in nearly limitless ways, DeFI products also open up financial access to millions of people around the world. A payment system in which anyone on earth can send money to anyone else on the planet was just the start of crypto revolution. The people building DeFI applications seek to take accessibility one step further. By building products on a decentralized network like Ethereum, anyone with an internet connection is able to access lending services, complex financial products, stable stores of value , and investment and trading opportunities . Since DeFi products are simply code distributed across a decentralized network, They can also never be shut down or denied to those who want to use them.

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Organization: 3x Dollar
Address: England, United Kingdom
Phone: +1 (213) 861-4151

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