Liquid Grip Launches New Liquid Chalk Combo Pack

Liquid Grip Canada, based in North Bay, Ontario, has announced the launch of their new Liquid Grip Combo Pack Pro Grade Liquid Chalk. The combo pack contains an 8-ounce bottle of Liquid Grip Chalk and a 1.5-ounce bottle, also of Liquid Chalk, that is small enough to bring along during workouts and practice. The small bottle is designed to be attached to a gym bag in such a way that it will be dangling with the bottle cap at the bottom for easy and convenient dispensing of its contents.

Jennifer Lambert, a spokesperson for Liquid Grip Canada, says, “We’re happy to announce the launch of our combo pack. Now it is possible for people to have both the 8-ounce bottle and the smaller and more convenient 1.5-ounce bottle. With the smaller bottle, which can be attached to a gym bag, people will no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring their bottle of Liquid Chalk. And when the small bottle is empty, you simply refill it from the 8-ounce bottle.”

The Liquid Chalk Amazon buyers can get is a water-based hydrocellulose thickener that causes chalk and rosin to mix in a suspension formula. It dries within seconds after application and once it has dried it binds with the fatty acids and will not transfer to any object. This allows the user to avoid the residue of dust that often transfers when chalk and rosin powder are used. Compared to the conventional rosin and chalk, the Liquid Chalk leaves no mess or dust that can be inhaled by the user, while providing a longer and more effective grip.

It should be noted that while the combo pack has only been recently introduced, the Liquid Grip 8-ounce bottle and the 1.5-ounce bottle have been available for some time now. As such, these products have already received a number of positive reviews. For instance, one Amazon customer gave the product five stars and said, “Really really really works, its like chalk but not. It really is wild and lasts a long time.... any liquid will remove it so be careful around water fountain and if you do sweat and trap the sweat between your hand and the device you're holding some will rub off. Still leaves some chalk-like residue at the first part of the workout, but I can run my hands across my black shirt after a set or 2 with the bar and leave no trail.”

In another one of the Liquid Chalk reviews, another Amazon customer also gave it a five-star rating and said, “I love Liquid Grip. My gym doesn't allow normal chalk and this gives me an alternative. It's chalk without the mess. I'd say it works pretty much as well as chalk if you let it dry enough. However, if you use it for almost every set, it will cost you a lot more than real chalk. I only use it for the heaviest deadlift sets and it lasts me a very long time.”

Jennifer explains that it is easy to apply Liquid Grip Chalk. After washing the hands thoroughly, the user only has to apply a dime-sized drop of the liquid into the palm. Then, the user rubs the palms for three seconds to evenly coat the fingers and palms. However, it should not be rubbed in just like lotion. This will quickly dry and the user is ready.

Jennifer adds that there are many benefits to be enjoyed from Liquid Chalk. These include the absence of a mess unlike regular chalk, the fact that one application can last for an hour and a half, the absence of any harsh chemicals, and convenience.

Liquid Grip Canada specializes in providing Liquid Grip Chalk, which is designed for use by athletes in various sports where a steady grip is required, such as CrossFit, rock climbing, baseball or softball, basketball, yoga, bodybuilding, gymnastics, golf, powerlifting, tennis, kettlebells, lacrosse, track and field, rugby, and more.

Those who need more information about Liquid Grip Chalk can visit the company website or call them by phone.


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