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                       Report of Foreign Private Issuer
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                      the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

                         For the month of March, 2003

                          A/S STEAMSHIP COMPANY TORM
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                                  Marina Park
                               Sundkrogsgade 10
                             DK-2100 Copenhagen 0
                   (Address of principal executive offices)

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     Set forth  herein  as  Exhibit  1 is a copy of a  Statement  No. 2 - 2003
issued by A/S STEAMSHIP  COMPANY TORM (the "Company") to The Copenhagen  Stock
Exchange on 21st March 2003.

Exhibit 1

Kobenhavns Fondsbors
(The Copenhagen Stock Exchange)

 21st March 2003                  Statement No.  2-2003
                                  Contact Person: Mr. N. E. Nielsen, Chairman

Agenda for the Annual General Meeting of Directors and Shareholders

Enclosed please find Agenda for the Annual General Meeting of Directors and
Shareholders of A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM to be held on 9th April 2003.

Yours faithfully,
A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM

N. E. Nielsen



            Annual General Meeting of Directors and Shareholders of
                    Aktieselskabet Dampskibsselskabet TORM

                                 to be held on

                    Wednesday, 9 April 2003 at 10:00 hours

                           at "Bojesen pa Axelborg"
                               Vesterbrogade 4 A
                             DK-1620 Copenhagen V

                                     * * *

1.   Report by the Board of Directors on the Company's  activities  during the
     year under review.

2.   Tabling of annual report for adoption by the meeting.

3.   The Board of Directors'  proposal as to application of profit or covering
     of losses according to the annual report as adopted.

4.   Election of Directors.

5.   Election of Auditors.

6.   a.   Proposal  from the  Board of  Directors  to amend  the  Articles  of
          Association as follows:

          1)   "Accounts"  is to be  replaced  by "Annual  Report" in Articles
               3(6) and 9(4).  "Annual  Accounts" is to be replaced by "Annual
               Report"  in  Articles  6(1)(ii)-(iii),   9(3)  and  12(6).  The
               amendments  are of an editorial  nature only in  consequence of
               the new  "arsregnskabslov"  (the  Danish  Financial  Statements

          2)   Article  2(3) that reads:  "A share  certificate  may  comprise
               several  shares"  is  proposed  to be deleted as the shares are
               issued electronically  through the Danish Securities Centre and
               not by issuance of share certificates. Included in the proposal
               is a  consequential  renumbering  of  the  sub-articles  within
               Article 2 and a  correction  of the  reference  in the existing
               Article 2(5).

          3)   Change of the means of notice of  meetings  by  deletion of the
               references  to "the Danish  Official  Gazette" in Articles 5(6)
               and 7(3).

          4)   Correction  of the  reference  in Article  9(6) from "the first
               paragraph" to "the second paragraph".

     b.   The Board of Directors  proposes  that it be  authorised  to let the
          Company  acquire its own shares in the period  until the next Annual
          Meeting within 10 per cent of the issued share capital at the market
          price  prevailing at the time of acquisition  subject to a deviation
          of up to 10 per cent.

7. Any other business.

The general meeting is only legally competent to transact business when at
least 1/3 of the share capital is represented, cf. Article 9(1) in the
Articles of Association of the Company.

Approval or adoption of the proposals under items 2-5 requires simple
majority, cf. Article 9(2) in the Articles of Association of the Company,
whereas adoption of the proposals under items 6a. and b. requires assent from
at least two-thirds of the votes casted as well as of the voting share capital
represented at the general meeting, cf. Article 9(3) in the Articles of
Association and Section 78 of the Danish Companies Act.

Notice convening the annual general meeting will be sent to all shareholders
entered in the Company's register of shareholders and/or to all ADR-holders
who have registered their holdings with the Company on request.

The agenda and the complete proposals will be available for review at the
offices of the Company at least 8 days prior to the annual general meeting.

Admission cards to the annual general meeting can be obtained against
presentation of appropriate proof of identification (VP reference number) not
later than Friday, 4 April 2003 from:

           Danske Bank, tel. +45 43 39 28 85, fax +45 43 39 46 69

from whom voting cards within the same deadline can also be obtained by
shareholders being entitled thereto pursuant to Article 7(3) in the Articles
of Association.

                            Copenhagen, March 2003

                            The Board of Directors


     Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934, the
registrant  has duly  caused  this  report to be  signed on its  behalf by the
undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

                          A/S STEAMSHIP COMPANY TORM

Dated: March 21st, 2003             By:/s/ Klaus Nyborg
                                       Klaus Nyborg
                                       Chief Financial Officer

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